Mondays = Fundays!

by Ashley Randazzo

This is a crazy statement, I know.

Anyway, since it really is Monday, I figure I would share my tips for getting into the swing of things on the first *painful* day of the week…well for some of us it is…

Plan Your Wardrobe Ahead of Time – Seriously, do it!

It’s such a small task, but you’d be surprised how much this can affect any day of the week, let alone a Monday!  Both males and females go through the same motions here. Your attire is important (at least it is to you) and if you square this away before bed time the night before, you won’t be running around your apartment half dressed praying to find something, anything to wear.  It also allows you to take an inventory of what is available for the week, especially if your clothes need washing!  No, it’s not OK to turn undies inside out and wear them twice!!!!!!! Gross, and I know for a fact your mother didn’t raise you that way!

Pack It Up & Leave It At The Door

This is a big one for me folks!  Pack up all the items you need for the day (laptop, purse, folders, misc. work materials) and leave them by the door, including your car keys!  This will also remind you to take them in the morning.  (You have no idea how many times I’ve forgotten something at home and have second-guessed myself and swerved or pulled over to check to see if I have something)  Do it ahead of time and leave your worries at home!

Get There Early

There’s nothing like feeling prepared for that meeting or presentation.  It shows in your confidence level which ultimately affects your performance.  After a fun-filled weekend, you might need a bit of a refresher to get your head back in the game.  Arrive at least 20-30 minutes early, close your door (if you have one) or if not, throw your headphones on and go over your material.  Write stuff down if you need to (major points, questions, reminders, etc.) Also check your Outlook for updates!  If your work environment is anything like mine, you probably receive emails all hours of the night.  After reviewing your material for the event, check that email people!

Other Miscellaneous Items To Reduce Monday Mayhem:

– Pack your lunch the night before

– Iron

– Fill your gas tank on Sunday (or leave a few minutes earlier to get it on the way)

– Traveling?  Plan your route & Plug in addresses

Any other additions to this list?  Leave a comment and add it!


1 thought on “Mondays = Fundays!”

  1. so true! especially the gas fill-ups on sundays. i also make sure to have a $20 ready for tolls for the week. add it to the list if you don’t have an ez-pass!


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