What Does Your Resume Say About You? – Part I

by Ashley Randazzo

I’ve recently helped a very experienced manager edit/update their resume.  Although it may seem odd that a senior manager with a lot of professional experience would need assistance with their resume, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to write a formal resume no matter where they are in their career.  In the next coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some ideas on how to improve your resume from top to bottom.  Ready? Set? Go!

What Does Your Resume Say About You?

Part I

The truth is, writing a resume sucks, especially if you’re on the rebound from your old job.  Not knowing how to tackle such a task makes it suck even more.  Don’t procrastinate any longer.  Here are some ideas to get you started and hopefully make things a bit less painful:

– Review your old resume. Can you spruce up the style a bit?  Maybe add your own custom header, change fonts  or make it more visually appealing in some way?  Look for examples on Google or ask for feedback from a friend.

– Prepare your references. Who can recommend your work?  Seek them out and make sure you get the go ahead to add them to your reference list.  And don’t list the typical “References available upon request” on the bottom of your resume.  This is a big “duh,” your interviewer knows that.

– Make a list of all your responsibilities at your previous employer. Use a blank pad of paper and a pen.  Don’t automatically sit in front of your computer because that can pressure you to open up that resume document. First, gather your thoughts and write every responsibility you had, no matter how minor.  You can omit the ones you don’t want to list later.  Ask yourself:  What did you manage?  What did you accomplish?  Did you improve a specific process or idea?  Also, be specific!  Use numbers, frequencies, and details when possible.

These three tasks will help you get started with your resume writing, but you still have work to do in order to get an employers attention.  I will cover those tasks and how to implement them shortly.  Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, if you need assistance with resume writing and would like some personal assistance, you may contact me via email:  randazzo(dot)ashley(at)gmail(dot)com.  Be sure to attach your resume to the email and I will gladly critique it.


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