Don’t Start Working Yet! Have You Prioritized? – Easy Task Management

by Ashley Randazzo

First of all, let me say I realize this is long overdue and I’m being a “bad blogger.”  Let me also say in my defense, things have been extremely busy at work and also for my personal life.  I’m exhausted…that’s all I’ll say about that… 🙂

Anyway, back to these wonderful helpful tips…

Have you ever had so much work to do that you really don’t know where to start?  The overwhelming feeling of helplessness sucks.  But don’t fret, there’s stuff you can do about it!  (At least that’s what I’m learning anyway.)  For me, Things have been picking up so much at work that it has been making my head spin.  It’s great, but when I’m being pushed to my limit I can often “freeze” and not know where to turn for my next task.  My position, is very deadline driven by both dates and times and the worst thing I could do is let something fall through the cracks.

I’m finding what works for me is to take a time out and make a list of everything I need to do with dates, specific notes and the operations person.  I use my outlook calendar and we also have a spreadsheet that we use.  It’s easy for us to just run off aimlessly and start working blindly.

In addition, I keep a “nice to have” folder/section of my desk.  Because so much is done in my department, we often get some requests that aren’t really in high priority by other departments.  So I call them a “nice to haves.”  It forces me to separate my work and also makes me become more focused on what needs to be done.

If you have stuff to do, just make a plan and then execute.  As things on your list get crossed off, you’ll feel great, less stressed and more motivated to keep going.


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