Resumes Part II – How To Write Your Resume

by Ashley Randazzo

Write it, don’t fight it!  Don’t be afraid to dig in…if you wait, it could cost you…Time is money, folks!

So you did what told you to do in Part I of this resume building exercise…Now it’s time to sit down and write.  Using that list you created, look it over and start listing your responsibilities in the document.  When you’re writing, be as specific and descriptive as possible.  Think of things in terms of numbers.  For example if you have experience as a car manufacturer’s public relations professional, most likely you write press releases. Instead of saying “Composed press releases on topics such as automotive repairs, gas economy and vehicle features on a monthly basis,”  say “Composed 5-10 press releases per month on topics such as…” By just making that one little change, the responsibility becomes a lot more descriptive and informative. In addition, it gives the reviewer of your resume an idea of your capabilities and workload at your previous position.

Back when I was in college and I took my career prep class, my professor had one major pet peeve.  (It also developed into my own too)  Using the verb phrase “responsible for…” when stating your job responsibility.  There’s got to be a better word out there!  Somebody?  Anybody?  OK, here’s the skinny on these resume verbs…After Googling the  term “Resume Verbs” I found some great lists.  Here’s one of the best ones I’ve found: Resume Verbs I really like this one because it gives you synonyms too.  This list, and other lists like these alone will make your resume writing a lot easier.  Want to view my resume??  Check it out here.

If you have any questions or would like me to review your resume, please email me and I will gladly help:  randazzo(dot)ashley(at)gmail(dot)com


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