Quick Update AND My Singing Debut!

by Ashley Randazzo

Hey there!

This is so long overdue, it almost makes me cry…almost…but not really.

Work has been hectic, but at least I can say I’m busy.  The days are passing by and I can’t believe it’s almost the season to be jolly!  This year I am performing with some colleagues of mine in their band known as “Kris Kringle & The Jingles.”  I am looking forward to it but I have to say I am nervous to be performing in front of my peers.  But hey, someone’s gotta do it and I’m sure it’s bound to put a smile on someone’s face.  I’ll be sure to get photos and post them up here, especially since we will be dressing up for the occasion.  I am actually responsible for the costumes…let’s hope that works out…

I’ll try to update again soon, sorry it’s so late and brief, but I guess this is better than nothing!


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