My Website Needs A Face-Lift!

by Ashley Randazzo

OK, so I’ve been up since 6 a.m. this morning and I’ve been going since.  This week was pretty hectic and it seems the lack of sleep during the week has no affect on the opportunity to sleep in.  Hell, 6 am is sleeping in for me nowadays.  Rant over.  Something I’ve been meaning to work on is my own personal website. I’ve had it since I graduated college, and I have very good page rankings on Google, but I’m feeling I need to make a change.  Perhaps add some more freelance services and maybe some more personal photos and announcements.  I still haven’t decided yet what I would like to do but I do have some time to think about it.

I used Google as my site developer when it was Google Pages…but now they have transformed into Google Sites.  It’s much more interactive, and the user has much more control.  As it is now, some of the items are out-dated a bit.  I don’t do as much freelance as I used to, but I am still available.  I think I should replace that information with some more services and examples of my work.  It’s really important to keep your website up to date, not only for those who look at it frequently, but for search engine rankings too.  I am also looking into customizing my domain.  I have purchased the www.ashleyrandazzo.com domain from www.godaddy.com

It’s also important to advertise for your website.  Add it to your Facebook, Twitter page, LinkedIn and virtually anywhere that has a “website” box to fill in.  TIP:  When you update your website, use those same outlets to let everyone know you’ve added/changed it.  People will most likely check it out and visit more frequently if they like the content.

Happy Updating!


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