How To Explain Social Media In Japanese

by Ashley Randazzo

Well I’m really not here to tell you how to do this…but I am here to talk about social media and how you can better explain it to those less familiar with it.  When you tell someone how or why you tweet, direct message, blog, or update your status you might as well be speaking another language, especially when you get a blank stare followed by the question”Why would anyone want to do this?” or the thing that pisses me off the most, “What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?”

 This week, I was trying to explain social media to a few higher-ups, but I left the conversation feeling very misunderstood and at a loss for words.  Enter, DM Scott, my favorite Social Media and Marketing writer, blogger, know-it-all.  The day after I had my meeting he created a post very similar to this topic.  He was being interviewed, and someone asked him the ROI of Social Media.  Let’s just say the question definitely hyped him up a bit to the point he went on a 3 minute rant.  Very interesting to listen to.  Click here

That made me want to know how to answer my own question, so I commented on the post to figure it out.  Within a few hours he got back to me with a link to his own YouTube channel and a video he had created from all the places he’s given presentations around the globe.  See David’s answer:

Well received, David and thank you for your quick response.  I am planning on doing a presentation on this topic and well absolutely use this.


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