Introducing…Another Blog!

Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with new and interesting article ideas. I often think, “Well I’m in the Construction Industry, so let me blog about Construction Marketing Techniques.” But that’s not all I want to talk about.

To keep things simple I’ve decided to have one blog that’s just for me, and another blog that’s about marketing techniques in the construction industry.

I am now known as the the “Construction Marketing Chick” on a Beta version of AECpress.com. It’s a blogging platform just for construction and design professionals, and I’m really enjoying my time so far. I will absolutely keep this blog as a source to talk about professional development topics, so no worries there.

Want to keep tabs on me in both places? Visit my new blog: http://constructionmarketingchick.aecpress.com/

I’ve met some awesome people on there so far, and I’m looking forward to having others join in on the fun! Thanks for your support everyone!


I’ve now moved my construction marketing blog to wordpress.com.  Unfortunately we had some issues with the beta version of AECPress…Check out my blog here:  http://constructionmarketingchick.wordpress.com/


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