Ireland Trip – Snowing In Ireland & My First Dublin Pub – Entry 3

Yesterday was a very rainy and cold day so we spent most of it in the car and seeing the picturesque Galway County.  Everywhere we drove to looked like a glossy postcard.  My stepfather really wanted to see the coast, so that’s exactly what we did.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  The Irish version of the beach is quite a site to see!  Raining or not, it’s amazing.

Snowing In Galway!

Throughout the whole trip we’ve been using a Garmin GPS unit.  It’s been such a HUGE help to us on our adventures, and we definitely put it to good use yesterday, in snowy blizzard-like conditions through some random Galway highlands / mountains.  We chose a road and decided to follow it through before heading on the highway to go back to the hotel.  The road had many sharp turns and bends going in an upward direction, but Tony handled it very well.  My mother however, not so much.  She was very afraid, mostly because of the potentially slippery conditions and how small the roads got as we went deeper into the excursion.   The higher we got, the more the snow kept pouring down, so much that our visibility was handicapped.  (Note:  There will be a special post dedicated to my mother because there is more about her fear of driving in Europe.  Stay tuned!)

Needless to say, after we got out of there, we all had at least one Guinness and an Irish Coffee at dinner.  🙂

As I mentioned in my last post, we headed to Dublin today.  Yet again, we had mostly rain and some more snow too.  After checking into the lovely Schoolhouse Hotel we decided to occupy our time with some sites before dinner, so we headed to the oldest university in all of Ireland, Trinity University to see The Book of Kells Exhibition.  It was very cool to see such an amazing piece of art and writing combined in one book.  They also had some very interesting facts about the book set around the exhibit and some real pieces of written text, and of course, the actual books on display.  No photography was allowed, so I grabbed a postcard. 🙂

From the exhibit, we walked to the Oliver St. John Gogarty Temple Bar for dinner.  They had an awesome band there playing traditional Irish music.  Check out my video:

Technically, we’re not supposed to have another nice day until Thursday.  I’m not really sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, but I’m sure it’ll be fun!  Will write soon!



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