Ireland Trip – “I’m Irish” – Entry 5 (Final Entry)

Sadly, this will be my last post from Ireland.  I spent today “being a girl” and shopping with the family all day long.  They have such interesting stuff over here, and Karen and I had a great time picking things out for ourselves.  I bought a Claddagh ring and a beautiful Irish pendant for myself.  I set out to get things that are very different than the average stuff sold in the US, and I think I did pretty well! 😉

After shopping, we hit the Guinness Store House tour.  I really don’t like Guinness, but it would be highly un-Irish of me to not visit such a well-known landmark.  I learned a lot, and took some great photos of the place.  Hands down, the best part of the tour is the beer, but for me it doesn’t involve drinking it.  It’s where the beer in served inside the “Gravity Bar” located at the top of the entire building.  Visitors get a 360 degree view of Dublin from the highest point in the area.  Beautiful!  (Photos coming shortly.)

I must say my family and I enjoyed Ireland so much that we’re already talking about coming back. (And we haven’t even left yet!)  I think my fondest memory is the visit to County Mayo, where my Great Grandparents lived and visiting each of their towns.  Also, let’s not forget good old Mrs. Brighty Gallagher, the woman whom by only chance, knew my family.

I have always been proud to be Irish, but this trip has given me new-found insight to where I really come from.  It’s an overwhelming feeling to experience something like this like I have for an entire week.  The people are always happy, friendly and treat you like one of their own.  The surrounding scenery surpasses any beauty I’ve ever seen.  And I can’t forget my new appreciation of Irish cuisine.  From now on, when I’m asked my nationality, my answer has silently taken on a new meaning.  “I’m Irish.” (“…and a little Italian too!”)  🙂


3 thoughts on “Ireland Trip – “I’m Irish” – Entry 5 (Final Entry)”

  1. Hey I’m headed over to Dublin on the 23rd, we’re only there 3 days then off to England to find a job– woo! What would u say are the “must see’s” ?

    @kurtis .. In England nobody knows what a “car bomb” is in England… they look at you funny when you ask that since the Irish did do so many literal car bombs. I had to teach the bar maids how to do them every time I’m there.. might be different in Ireland though.


    1. Definitely go on one of those bus tours. It packs in a lot of history into an hour and a half and your ticket is good for the whole day. Definitely go to Temple Bar. It’s a row of pubs and restaurants with great music and lots of people. Also, if you want to go shopping, hit up the shops on Grafton Street. I got some amazing things we don’t have in the US.


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