Biking Is Like Breathing…

Check out the scenery!

[tweetmeme source=”ashleyrandazzo” only_single=false]My newest hobby is one I share with my fiance.  We love biking! It’s an event I look forward to each weekend.  Things have been a bit hectic at work and thankfully we’ve had some beautiful weather, so we’re on the bikes almost every weekend.

Just this past Saturday Mike and I went to the “Round Valley Roundabout” bike route in Hunterdon County.  This route is 28.4 miles of hilly goodness with some nice downgrades in between.  I have to admit though we did get lost and ended up on a

Riding by a farm...

wild adventure of some really steep inclines, which unfortunately got the best of us in 90 degree heat.  Instead of 28.4 miles, we ended up doing 30 miles.  Not too shabby for a newbie.

I think what I enjoy most about biking is being outside, breathing fresh air, feeling close to nature, getting some much needed exercise and of course being with Mike.  🙂  Some of the routes have some have beautiful streams which makes the entire experience very picturesque, almost like a nature painting.  I can’t want to see what route we’ll conquer this coming weekend!


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