Blast From The Past – Remembering My Shoprite Days…

When I was younger, I worked at the local Shoprite for part of my high school and entire college career.  One of my fondest memories was working in the customer service department. From Price Plus cards to coupon refunds, I did it all.  Although very stressful at times, I found it rewarding to help customers find what they were looking for and ultimately making loyal customers out of each one.

In the past few weeks, my customer service experience has emerged in lieu of my passion for social media.  I’ve been reaching out to what were at the time, dissatisfied customers to essentially fix any issues and ultimately “make it right.”  It’s been so long that I think I forgot how much I enjoyed it.  Which brings me to another topic I really love, teaching.

This week I had my first meeting with Customer Service (CS).  I was a little nervous because I just started using the new tool about two weeks ago.  Overall, I think it really went well.  I’m known as the expert with the tool and I’m excited because I’ll be training and assisting all users with any questions and concerns.

The best part is I really feel like I’m making a difference in every aspect of work  I do.  From the interns I manage, (who are awesome!) to the data I interpret, I’m really feeling in my element.

In the coming weeks, I have my first large presentation to many managers and directors at our Social Media Council meeting.  I am nervous, but with some serious preparation, I know I can do it.  More updates coming soon!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Remembering My Shoprite Days…”

  1. You’ll do great with your presentation. You rocked the webinar!! And you know everything about the program so you’ll do great, no need to be nervous!!


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