Our Precana Experience

Let me preface this post with saying that I am a born and raised Catholic.  I have never truly had any issues with my religion, but as I have become older and decided to marry, my opinion of the church has changed significantly.  This post is not meant to offend anyone and these opinions are strictly my own.

Yesterday, we had to attend our first session of precana.  That’s right I said first, as in there will be more than one session.  I was actually hoping the experience would be more positive, but I have to say, I was completely unimpressed.

The first exercise had to do with perceptions of our spouse-to-be.  Sadly, this was probably the best exercise of the day.  Mike and I worked as a team to fill out our sheets and then compare them to one another.  We learned that in some instances our opinions of ourselves differ than the ones of our spouse.

Afterward, we spent the rest of the day hearing speakers who were married couples for 20+ years on topics such as finance, sexuality (ugh) and God.  Although important, these topics were not as informative as I hoped.  Either the information was too general, in which we knew everything that was presented, or we simply didn’t agree with what they were saying.  Either way, the day made for a good topic of conversation at dinner that night.

The truth of the matter is, we paid $90 for a marriage requirement that was really of no use to us.  As mentioned earlier in the post, we have more than one session.  The second session is next weekend and that will cost us an additional $125.  That’s on top of the $750 “donation” to the church for the ceremony.

There’s no doubt celebrating a marriage is expensive.  But establishing requirements where people are being gouged to do so is beyond ridiculous.  I’m just hoping next week’s session is better.  I’ll be sure to update.  Have a great week!


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