Dealing With The Unexpected

Three weeks ago I dislocated my right knee while kickboxing.  As you can imagine, I was absolutely devastated especially since our wedding was just over four months away at that time. I think the emotional pain hurt more than the physical.  It’s tough going from running around bride-to-be to a couch potato.  Hello depression…

After a few days of emotional episodes and moving through my personal stages of grief, I began to accept the situation instead of fighting it.  I was so touched by a number of people who expressed their concern and offered to help if I needed anything.  Even one of my closest work friends and wellness mentor sent me a box of yummy organic veggies for me to enjoy.  And then my best friend sent me a new health book.  Both were so incredibly thoughtful.  Even my company has allowed me to work from home until I am cleared to drive.  (Thank goodness, I think I would go crazy if I didn’t have something to keep my mind busy.)  My hubby-to-be really deserves the most of my appreciation though.  He’s been taking very good care of me by making me healthy meals, cleaning, doing the shopping and even bathing me since I can’t take this massive brace off.  He won’t let me lift a finger.  This unfortunate situation has really brought us much closer together.

Fast forward to today.  It’s been three weeks since my accident and I’m actually feeling OK.  The swelling has gone down a bit and I’m in little to no pain.  I visited my orthopedic, Dr. Lager and he said my MRI looks fine and surgery isn’t necessary right now.  He told me I could “take a few steps” with the assistance from my crutches and loosen the brace on my leg to bend ever so slightly starting on Monday.  July 11 is the next time I will see him and hopefully he’ll clear me for physical therapy.  Until then, it’s ice, ice baby and limited mobility.  Will post again soon!


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