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Four Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Fan Gating Welcome Video With Your Brand’s Celebrity Spokesperson

If you have a famous spokesperson/endorser for your brand, it can be a little difficult to pin down some unique and fun ideas for your Facebook fan page. Recently, I was faced with the same scenario and I decided video was my weapon of choice.   Here are some tips for using video content to fan gate your Facebook page.

Tip 1: Exclusive should really mean exclusive.

Becoming a fan of your brand should really mean something.  Sharing exclusive content is all part of that effort to gain new and retain your fan base.  By providing exclusive content, you’re making your fans feel special and privileged, like they get to see something before any of  their friends do.  Tech tip: Use a closed YouTube link of your video and embed it on your Facebook page.  From there, your Facebook fans will be the only people able to see the video.

Tip 2: Keep it simple.

The opportunity to make your Facebook fan page video a  large production is tempting, but I say skip it!  Instead, focus on your message while maintaining a more realistic and inviting video concept. For example, depending on your marketing spend, you may shoot regular commercials for your product or service.  You could easily grab some footage of your celebrity spokesperson while on-site of your most recent commercial shoot. 

Tip 3: Give your audience something to do afterwards.

So, you’ve created this great video and believe your Facebook visitor’s journey is over, right? Wrong! Think about what’s next for the viewer.  Most likely, you want them to take a deeper look into your cool product or service.  Why not point them to visit your website for a free sample, or a free trial? Or how about asking them to sign up for your email mailing list?  Whatever you decide, don’t let the journey stop with the video. Make sure you plan your content ahead of time.

Tip 4: Prepare and plan your content early.

Knowing your overall idea is important before shooting your welcome video.  Create story boards and scripts early and clear it with your spokesperson prior to going on-site.  It is essential you do this just in case your subject has some issues with the content.   Also, if necessary, review the spokesperson’s contract prior to even sending your video idea over.  Your company may or may not have electronic distribution rights to video content.

Have you ever created a Facebook Page welcome video with your company’s celebrity spokesperson?  Do you have any additional tips? Please add them in the comments.


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