Grace Hopper 2018 & 2019 Conferences

Summary: Grace Hopper is the largest women in tech conference in the world. For Cigna, they had to stand out among the heavy-hitters of tech talent like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I knew we had to do something different, something special and interesting to attract attendees to come to our booth and stay top of mind during and post-event. So I chose the creative direction of combining the love of coffee with the power of selfies. You read that right. We gave away free cappuccinos that had printed photos of attendees on their cup. Too cute to drink? Maybe. Cute enough to share on social media? Definitely. The event was one of Cigna’s most successful to date. I provided complete oversight and strategy for booth attraction, activation, pre-event and post-event tactics for this event. This event has been Cigna’s most successful tech hiring event to date.

Pre-Ashley (2017): 1 hire, limited additional candidate leads captured with no post-event nurturing strategy in place.

Video of Grace Hopper 2019

My Results 2018: ~600,000 social media impressions from posts made by conference attendees talking about our activation, 15 offers, 750 candidate leads captured for nurturing, self-preformed design and writing services, saving $30,000 in agency fees. Secured a $750MM budget for next year’s event.

My Results 2019: ~4.5 million social media impressions, 1200 candidate leads captured, 18 on-the-spot offers, 38 second round interviews.

Cigna Customer Service Advocate Hiring 2019

Summary: Cigna and Express Scripts needed to hire 4000+ front line phone customer service professionals in several markets where they had little brand reputation. With traditional recruitment marketing methods exhausted, the Operations leadership team needed a fresh perspective on how to attract this highly sought after talent.

I was responsible for managing and executing this campaign from start to finish as well as managing stakeholder communications. It required market research, paid and organic media tactics, and a complete revamp of our lead generation methodology.

Created this video in partnership with another employee who was a part-time filmmaker. I provided the concept, story board, talent selection, interview questions and conducted interviews on filming day.

My Results: 4,200 hires in less than 6 months, 10% increase in applications compared to the previous year, improved interview to hire ratio from 3:1 to 2:1. Self-preformed all design and writing, saving ~$20,000 in agency fees.

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